Many thanks to Jed from Terengganu, Malaysia for sending us these pictures of his 1973 Mini Cooper Sport.
It was restored to this standard in 2008 at Malacca and the MBW on the numberplate stands for

Thanks to Luiz Gustavo these pictures of his excellently restored 1979 Mini Cooper Sport.
Currently the car is in Miami, Florida but will soon be winging it's way to Brazil.

Thank you to Alex Yap from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who has spent the last year restoring his 1976 Mini.

More details about the restoration also can be seen in Alex's blog:

In Alex's own words:

"I hope it can be uploaded to the minicoopersport website for all fans of mini to enjoy".

No problem, Alex!

Thanks to Kevin and Alison Barry from Australia for submitting these great pics

Alison traded in the Tahiti blue N reg Mayfair for the Tahiti blue Cooper Sport Classic (we like the colour). She wouldn't take delivery of it till they removed the 'Boy Racer' stripes off the bonnet! At the same time she transfered her personal numberplates to the new X reg mini which were N500AJB Alison Jane Barry.......right!!

The very next Southern Mini Days we went to we were complimented on our replica Cooper Sport Classic......the only difference being the number plates and the lack of bonnet stripes. Another mod is the leather drawstring pouch over the gear knob which is too bloody cold to hold first thing in the morning! Well now the car is in Australia and we purchased the reg number ALI 848 in honour of the engine that started it all. Also on my 1960 single point Van (oldest working van in the world) I put KEV 848. We cannot go anywhere without being stopped and congratulated on our restored cars......they don't believe you when you tell them the Cooper Sport had only done 10K miles when we arrived. Now it is up to 40K and still running superb.

The Mini is well loved here and Bathurst is putting on a special show and track time for the period racers etc. There will be television there mark the 40th year of the Coopers winning here against all number of bigger cars.Carwash is on the lawn of our 30.6 acre property. Batemans Bay is the nearest beach to where we live.

Thanks to Silvio Plötz from Germany with his roadster / cabrio Mini Cooper - the "Mr. Bean Edition".

Thanks to Jim Tingle for submitting his excellent Tahiti Blue Cooper Sport

In Jim's own words: "Great! The black and silver seats, alloy dash, drilled alloy gear lever and door furniture remind you you're driving something just that little bit different from your average car. The four spotlamps and special Platinum Silver roof, bonnet stripes and wing mirrors just make it look... well... special!"

Please CLICK HERE to visit Jim's website

Thanks to Mick Taylor for these images of his excellent condition 96 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo anniversary edition.

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